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PLEASE NOTE: Copyright remains with Jason Brown Photography and photos are sold with a personal license ONLY and cannot be reused for any use or business/commercial use without explicit permission.

Commercial Photography Rates

Are you looking for a professional touch and approach to your project? If so then please read on. My rates will vary depending on your specific needs and all my clients have very unique requirements so budgets are tailored on an individual basis.

In most cases I will provide a specific no obligation quote to undertake the job at hand to ensure your requirements are met to high professional standard. Prices start as low as £135 for the first hour so I can fit within most marketing budgets. A summary of my commercial rates are laid out below:

1st hour rate from £135 - subsequent hours charged at £100

Half day rate (up to 4 hours) from £350

Full day rate (up to 8 hours) from £650

For larger or more complex projects with multiple days, discounted rates will be applied.

Please note: Commercial rates can be reduced by agreeing to work on a contracted 50/50 copyright split where both parties have full rights to use any images from project. This allows flexibility within marketing budgets where costs are tight. If clients do not enter into a full commercial rate contract then it will automatically transfer to the 50/50 copyright split contact as detailed above. Any contract will adhere to these terms unless specifically written and agreed otherwise.

Additional charges: Post Processing; generally speaking I allow 1 hour for half a day and 2 hours for a full day at a rate of £35ph (This does not include any major manipulation/retouching etc) Travelling expenses are charged at 45p per mile (to and from shoot location) for any location outside a 10mile radius from Wickham in Hampshire. Hotels, flights and other disbursements will be charged at cost or provided by the client.

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